A Catholic university producing globally competent professionals, internationally recognized in instruction, research, training and extension service.


The VMUF, under the inspiration and patronage of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, affirms its commitment to provide transformative Catholic education relevant to national and global needs.


To continuously strive for excellence in the field of instruction, research, training and extension service.

To transform students to be skilled and proactive who are environmentally sensitive, socially accountable and respectful of individual, cultural and religious diversity.

Core Values

V - Visionary Goal Oriented
M - Morally Upright God-loving
U - United Harmonious
F - Fraternal Caring

Quality Policy

The VMUF as a Catholic University is committed to provide relevant programs and responsive services pursuant to statutory and regulatory requirements for the satisfaction of its stakeholders through continuous improvement of its quality management system.

Choose VMUF!

Qualified Educators

Education comes at an equally good cost for our stakeholders with qualified educators giving the best knowledge to students.

Technology and Innovation

Provides advanced tools and equipment which allow students to learn at their own pace.

A World of Opportunity

Broaden your horizons by joining diverse organizations and competitions inside and outside the university.

Knowledge for Life

More than education, VMUF gives you the skills, confidence and a culture of Lifelong Learning experience to help you make your world better.