1951 - 1980

February 14, 1951 - Dr. Martin P. Posadas, M.D., son of Don Bernardino and Dona Maria Posadas, of San Carlos, married Dra. Rosalina Quebral, daughter of Don Segundo and Dona Maria Quebral of Manila. He graduated from the UST College of Medicine in 1949 while she-from the College of Dentistry in Centro Escolar.

1951 - The Posadas clinic was established at Bonifacio Street in San Carlos and later renamed Posadas Medical
- Dental Clinic. It had a 10-bed capacity, five of which were devoted for charity patients. It had provisions for surgical and x-ray services, considered to be the first in a rural area and the first aircon operating room in those days. The then Philippine Free Press featured this clinic in an article “Action in Pangasinan” in October, 1955 as one of the few clinics in the country to answer the late President Magsaysay’s challenge to physician-achievers to give medical care to the poor.

1957 - the clinic became a 4 storey hospital and was renamed VirgenMilagrosa Hospital.

1958 - The School of Midwifery was granted a permit to operate (the first such school north of Manila) and it brought students from all over the country.

1959 - The first twenty-one (21) Midwifery graduates took the Board Examination and scored a 100 percent passing, 6 of them garnered the top six places.

1961 - Opening of the school of Nursing (3 year course). More students came from all over the country.

1964 - The first graduates of the School of Nursing obtained a 100 percent passing in the Board Exams given the same year.

1969 - Construction of the VMEI complex in the 12-hectare site in Taloy District, San Carlos, to house the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, the dormitory and the first radio station in San Carlos. The building was blessed and inaugurated in 1972. The 7-storey VM Medical Center was also started, including the 3-storey Medicine building.

1973 - The Midwifery made a very outstanding performance in the board examinations when Ms. Dolores Panoen garnered 9th place.
- The VirgenMilagrosa Medical Center (VMMV) was completed and was blessed and inaugurated in 1974. It has a 150-bed capacity with ICU, CCU and complete laboratory facilities.

1975 - Inauguration & Blessing of the VM Institute of Medicine building. In May 1975, the first year classes in Medicine started in consortium with three colleges in Dagupan, due to some political pressure until one of them backed out. Permits were granted to operate added courses: Health Aide and Secretarial Sciences.

1976 - The VM Institute of Medicine continued on its own as a Foundation when the consortium schemes proved not viable. Other Courses were given permits to operate: Engineering (Civil, Mechanical & Electrical) Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Physical Therapy, BS Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiologic Technology, BS Secretarial Administration, and Machine Shop Practice, a 2-year technical course.
- Ms. CristetaAbellera garnered 6th place in the Midwifery Board Examination.

1977 - Permits to operate additional 4-year courses were given: Animal Husbandry, Nutrition and dietetics, Medical Technology and BS Biology.

1979 - The first 21 medical graduates had a very outstanding performance in the Board Examinations when all of them passed (100) percent with Dr. Maria Lilia Posadas, daughter of the Founders, obtaining 9th place.

1980 - The Child Learning Center (CLC) was established with Nursery and Kindergarten classes. Every year from then on, a new grade was added until the first elementary graduates finished in 1986. The Center was granted full recognition in 1985.

1981 - 2000

1982 - Permit to operate two technical courses - Practical electricity and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning was given.

1983 - The Computer Education Center was inaugurated by then the First Lady, Madame Imelda R. Marcos. The groundbreaking ceremony of the VM Centrum.
- The institute of midwifery ranked 6th of all midwifery schools in the national performance rating for 1986-1989 as reported by APSOM.

1984 - The VMEI Charity Clinic was constructed and inaugurated in November 1984 by Dona Consuelo Salazar-Perez.
- Permit was given to operate the Bachelor’s degree of Electronics & Communication Engineering.
- Oliver Flores placed fourth in the Philippine Licensure Examination for Physical Therapists.

1985 - The Business Administration, Computer Education, Nutrition & Dietetics courses were recognized.
- The Institute of Nursing had a very outstanding performance in the board examinations when Ms. Estela T. De Leon obtained 6th place.

1986 - The Accreditation process started with the letter of intent of the President to the PACUCOA. Three Courses Arts and Sciences/Business Administration/Dentistry started their self-survey.
- Started the construction of the 5-storey VM Centrum.
- The VMEI experienced its first students’ unrest.

1987 - The 5-storey VM Centrum was inaugurated on February 14, 1987, an elegant edifice that improved the skyline of the VM Complex. The Founders dedicate the CENTRUM… “To all students who have passed and will pass thru the portals of the VMEI with fondest of hopes that they will serve the people in their chosen professions in the spirit of a true Christian.”
_ Permit to operate VM Special Science High School was secured. The VM also administers two other secondary schools, namely: Saint Dominic High School (Taloy District) and San Luis High School in Barangay Talang.

1988 - The Electronics and Communication Engineering course was fully recognized.

1989 - The initial visit of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities - Commission on Accreditation (PACU-COA) accrediting team in February 6-7, 1989 headed by Dr. Carmen G. Kanapi.
- The Institute of Arts and Sciences and Business Administration were awarded deregulated level I status by the PACUCOA.
- The 5th and 6th year levels of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine were given recognition by TPAE.
- The VM Institute of Dentistry had a very outstanding performance in the board examinations when Dr. Gerardo P. Bernal, one of its examinees garnered 18th place.

1990 - The Institute of Dentistry was granted a level I status and was the “first and only” dental school in the Philippines to be awarded the status by PACUCOA.
- The institution opens nine (9) new courses with DECS go signal, namely: Graduate Courses (Master in Public Health, Master of Science in Biology, and Master in Business Administration) as well as six undergraduate courses (Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor in Elementary Education, BS Accountancy, Associate in Business Administration, Diploma in Business Administration and Pharmacy Aide.

- VMSSHS was also given full recognition were granted. The 1st batch had a very outstanding performance in the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) when all of them obtained a 100 percent passing.
- The VM Institute of Medicine had a very outstanding performance in the board examinations when Dr. Alfredo P. Bernal, one of its medical examinees garnered 20th place.
- The Institute of Midwifery had a very outstanding performance in the board examinations. Luz A. Almazan garnered 13th place out of 5,275 successful examinees in the midwifery board.

1991 - will remain a memorable year for VMEI not only because it applied for a university status but also it is the year of more accomplishments.

June 3, 1991 - the Federation of accrediting Agencies of the Philippine through the recommendation of the PACU-COA granted the Arts and Sciences Program of the VMEI Level II Accreditation, making it the first and only school to be accredited in Pangasinan. The Dentistry and Commerce programs were granted Level I Accreditation.
- The Institute of Veterinary medicine ranks 2nd among the 14 Veterinary Schools in the Philippines and the only private veterinary school recognized by the government, obtained a 93 compliance percent rating as reported by the Technical Panel for Agriculture Education Committee.
- The Institute of Engineering opened vocational coursed in Diesel Mechanics, Telephone/Telex Operation, Automotive Mechanics, Electronics Servicemen for Radio and Television Receivers, Welding and Fabrication Technology, Internal Combustion Engine Technology, and General Radio Communication Operation.
- The institute of midwifery ranked 3rd out of the 157 midwifery schools in the performance rating for 1986-1989 as announced in APSON convention.
- Dr. Edgar A. Cabading obtained 87.76 percent rating being the 6thplacer in the list of medical examinees.
- The medical and physical therapy VMEI graduates successfully passed the US state board exams: Dr. Gerardo M. General, Dr. Julito P. Uy, Dr. Noel Antonio M. Ferrer, Peter Anthony A. Fadullon, Felino V. Rosario, Divine Dela Vega, Pricilla C. De Guzman, Winton Jose A. Cruz, Oscar James T. Abalos, Emmanuel A. Atmosfera, Perry D. Austria, Brenda K. Bayasen, nieves P. Bernardino, Norman L. Dulay, Cesar G. Montemayor, Charito M. Naato, John C. Pagteilan, Anthony Al. K. Perez, and Rommel E. Temporal.
- Dr. Elizabeth GuibaniMoraleda, an outstanding medical graduate passed the Australian Society of Cytology examinations, which qualify her to sit in for the international registry.
- The 2nd batch (class 1991) of VM special Science High School did an “exceptional record” when it registered a 100 percent passing average with Christopher Ramos, class valedictorian, topped the National College Entrance Examination with a rating of 99+, the highest ever in the division of San Carlos City.
- The VMCLC School for the Blind, the 1st School for the Blind north of Manila, was opened during the year with Dr. Arthur Lown, Consultant and Director Emeritus of the Resources for the Blind, as principal guest. The school’s formal opening highlighted VMEI’s observance of festivity month in 1991 White Cane Safety Celebration for the visually impaired. The celebration was sponsored by the DECS, DSWD, Resources for the Blind, Inc., and VMEI.
- Department of Education Culture and Spots (DECS) ROI awarded Dr. Martin P. Posadas, VMEI President, as one of the “Most Outstanding Educators of the Region” among the private schools, colleges, and universities.
- The start of the building of the Multi-Purpose Grandstand to house athletics” living quarters, classrooms, gymnasium, conference halls, canteens and recreational facilities.

January 29, 1992- The Institute of Nursing underwent preliminary visit by PACUCOA.

February 18, 1992 - PACUCOA accreditors for reaccreditations visited Dentistry. Nursing was formally visited and was awarded the deregulated Level 1 status.
- The VM Special Science High School was adjudged as “one of the excellent secondary schools in Region I” by the Department of Education Culture and Sports. VMSSHS ranked 93rd among the 200 schools nationwide whose graduates performed highest in the NCEE. This is their 3rd consecutive year to have a 100 percent rating mark of the NCEE. Of this year’s graduating students, twelve obtained a breaking record of 99 rating with the lowest rating of 92.
- DECS Region I also cited VMEI for its Doctor of Dental Medicine and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programs as excellent courses.
- The Institute of Nursing was granted deregulated Level I Status by the PACUCOA. At the later part of the year, the Institute of Education submitted its self-survey preparatory to a preliminary visit.
- RaulCristopher S. Bautista, a junior nursing student won the second prize in the 1st Regional On-The-Spot Essay Writing Contest on Economics and Development participated in by 28 entries all over the region on the occasion of NEDA Region 1 17th anniversary. Bautista’s entry on the topic “Setting the Development Agenda for the Succeeding Plan Period (1993-1998): The Issues Affecting the Region’s Development Today and the recommended response was adjudged as the contest’s second best piece.
- The Institute of Engineering and Medical Technology made a very outstanding performance in the board examinations. Engr. Benjamin Panuyas garnered 2nd place (88.25%) out of 181 successful examinees while Mr. Montini DV Pastoral obtained 20th place among all successful examinees.
- Dr. Jackson Soriano was the 12th placer out of the 545 examinees in the residency-in-training exams in surgery by the Philippine Board of Surgery.
- The medical clerks assigned at Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center in Manila bested other medical students of other schools during the Clinic-Pathologic Conference Competition last October and July 1992 respectively. The medical clerkswinners are Rashid M. Ausali - 1st place Pediatrics, CPC; Arif Z Syed - 1st place OB-Gyne, CPC; and Rachel P. Galecra - 1st place OB-Gyne, CPC.
- The Institute of Physical Therapy is one of the 8 recognized PT schools in the country as recommended by the Association of the Philippine Physical therapy and Occupational Physical Therapy Schools (APPTOTS).
- Josephine B. Credo, MS Biology, is one of the pioneer graduates of VMEI and the sole DECS-GASTPE thesis grantee in the Philippines.
- Lourdes Flores Sison, MD, passed the certifying (FMGEMS) and the licensing (FLEX) examination given for physicians by the US Board of Medical Examiners last July 1991 and December 1991, respectively.
- The institution ranked 2nd among the 13 tertiary institutions in the YMCA province wide Academic Olympics held at the West Central Extension Elementary School in Dagupan City. It was VMEI’s 1st participation in the province.
- Michelle E. Cardona, a senior BS Biology student won the First Prize in the Oratorical Contest in the 1992 Regional Science Fair and Quiz held at Dagupan West Central Elementary School, Dagupan City (November 11, 1992). Cardona’s coach is Prof. Tina B. Credo.
- TeofiloSison, a BS Physical Therapy student emerged champion in the Regional Oratorical Contest for College students English Category held November 27 at the DECS Regional Office on the theme, “Yes, Mother Earth. . . Together We Save You.” Likewise, ArmindaYuson, a BS Business Administration student was 2nd place in the same contest - Filipino category with the theme, “Oo, Inang Bayan . .LayonNaminIyongKaligtasan.”
- Dr. Leo B. Solis, Dean-Veterinary Medicine, participated in the International training Course on Dairy Herd Development and Veterinary Care under heat stress held at the Ruppin Institute in Israel from July 15 to September 2, 1992. A total of 30 veterinarians from 24 different countries participated in this course and he was the only one representing non-government sector, coming from a private institution.
This year also marked the series of visits of officials from the DECS Regional Office relative to VMEI’s application for the university status. The last survey was held last March 17-18, 1992 with Inspectors: Engr. Manuel A. Chan, ES I, HED; Dr. Daniel Claustro, ES II, Tech-Voc; Mrs. ErlindaCacanindin, ES II, EED; and Mrs. AdelinaCaragan, ES II, SED.

In February 1993, after a satisfactory compliance with the minimum requirements for a university status, the DECS regional Office headed by Dir. Gloria Lasam endorsed the institution’s application to the DECS Central Office, Manila.

In May 1993 three programs were accredited by the PACU-COA. The Institute of Dentistry and Nursing were granted the Level II status while the Institute of Education was awarded deregulated Level I status.
- The Radiologic Technology made a name as Mr. John C. Cayabyab garnered the 5th place in the board examination.

January 5, 1994 marks the milestone in the school’s history. The institution’s dream of becoming a UNIVERSITY, is now a reality. Secretary Armand Fabella signed the papers granting VMEI the university status effective January 5, 1994. Dr. Martin P. Posadas was installed the 1st university president on March 12, 1994. On July 6, 1994, Dr. Martin P. Posadas passed away and Dr. Rosalina Q. Posadas became the 2nd President of VMUF.
- The College of Nursing made an outstanding performance in board examinations as Ms. Clarita Frias obtained 13th place in May examination and Ms. Arlene S. Macaraeg too garnered 13th place in November examination. Ms. Ma. Cristina Nava made it as the 12th placer in Midwifery Board Examination.
- Started the construction of the Engineering, Education, and Dentistry buildings and were completed in 1996.

1995 - The University hosted the PalarongPambansa ’95 for Secondary Level.
- The College of Veterinary Medicine made an outstanding performance in board examinations as Dr. Jonathan S. Luna obtained 9th place.
- The Associate in Computer Science was granted government recognition and was fully recognized as BS Computer Science in 1996.

On October 19, 1996, Dr. Rosalina Q. Posadas passed away.

On March 12, 1997, Dr. Ma. Lilia Posadas Juan was installed as the 3rd President of VMUF.
- Ms. Eunice Cortes ranked 8th place in the November Nursing Board Examination.

1998- College of Physical Therapy made a record in the history of VMUF as Ms. Jacqueline F. Nilo made it to the 1st place in PT Board Examination while Ms. Kathleen S. Calip obtained 18th place in the Nursing Board Examination.
- Dr. Anacleto A. Calibo won 2nd Place in the National Search for Best Dissertation.
- PACUCOA accreditors led by Dr. Gaudencio A. Paguia, visited Dentistry for its Level II Second Reaccreditation (December 9-11, 1998).
- Animal Health Technology was granted Provincial Certificate of TVET Program Registration by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). All students enrolled were considered TESDA scholars with 1st batch graduate 2002)

1999 - Mr. Ferdinand M. Bautista garnered 10th place in RT Board Examination.

2000 - The Electronics Technology program was granted permit to operate by TESDA replacing all technical/vocational courses.
- Dentistry program was resurveyed last September 18-20, 2000 and December, 2001.

2001 - 2017

2001 - Dr. Corazon B. Cabrera, Chairman of the PACUCOA Accreditors, surveyed Arts and sciences for its Level II Second Reaccreditation (February 5-7, 2001) and was revisited March 14, 2002.
- The college of Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine made outstanding performances in the board examinations. Nelson R. Perez, DDM, garnered 8th place, Andrienne I. Zareno, DDM (13th place), and Gerardo Q. Ibuan, DVM, obtained 6th place of all successful examinees.
- FranklinCalugay, John Declines, Ricky U. Dela Cruz, Domingo Padlan, Federico Ramos, and Paulo Solomon successfully passed the National Trade Test and were given CEM Level 1 by TESDA.
- Government permit was given to a 2-year Hotel and Restaurant Management TESDA course and has applied for BioMedical Technology.
- The Nursing program was surveyed by PACUCOA chaired by Dr. Bate last November 2001.

2002 - completion of the 2-storey Engineering Building and construction of student shade in front VM Centrum.
- The Dentistry program was accredited Level I Status effective March 2002 so with the programs of Arts and Science and Education as of August 2002.
- The college of Nursing program was revisited last November 6-7, 2002 for the Library area and was awarded Level II reaccredited status until November 2005.

2003 - VMUF turned 45 years in providing excellent service to humanity and still bracing up with technological changes in order to be globally competitive. VMUF celebrated its 45th foundation anniversary last February 12 - 15 with the theme: “VMUF: Fortified @ 45 in Education and Health Care” and grand Alumni Homecoming slated last February 22, 2003.
- On February 26-28, 2003 Dentistry was visited for Level status with Dr. Karen Tamayo as the Chair of the Acrreditors and was awarded Level I accredited status until March 2005.
- The college of Veterinary Medicine had produced 3-straight years (Grand Slam) Board topnotchers. Dr. Percival V. Hidalgo is the 10th Placer in the Licensure Examination for Veterinarians.
- Formal visit of Arts & Sciences and Education programs by the team of Dr. Flordeliza Castro, chair of the accrediting team and awarded Level II formal accredited status for three years for the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor in Secondary Education, and Bachelor in Elementary Education.
- On September 25-26, two (2) programs of the Graduate school - Master of Science in Teaching and Master in Public Health; three (3) programs of engineering, namely: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering; programs of Business Administration majors in Management, Marketing, Banking and finance, and Economics; Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine were visited for Consultancy applicant status by Mr. Adlai Castigador and Engr. Linsangan.
- On October 9-12, the Teacher Education, Business Education, and Public Administration programs of the Graduate School were visited by the FAPE/CHED representatives for the Evaluation of the Graduate Education in the Philippines. The team was composed of Dr. Gabriel Del Paz (FAPE Rep.), Mr. Jose Padillo (CHED Rep.), Prof. Leonida Africa (TL/BE), Dean Roman Dumug (PA), and Dr. Rosemarie Clemente (TE).

2004 - VMUF celebrated its 46th Foundation Anniversary on February 10-13 with the theme: “VMUF: Moving Beyond borders in Institution Building through Accreditation.
- Donna M. Vega ranked 8th place in the Licensure Board Examination for Physicians this February examination.
- July 29-31, 2004 - the preliminary visit for level I visit of the two (2) programs of the Graduate School. Dr. Flordeliza Castro heads the PACUCOA accreditors with Mrs. Carolina Navoa, Mrs. VenerandaSernande, and Dr. Ferdinand Somido. The 2 programs were awarded for Level 1 applicant Status on July 2004.
- Ms. Joan C. Santiago ranked 19th place in the Nursing Licensure Examination held last June 6-7, 2004.
- Ms. Evelyn De Vera passed the Certified Public Accountant Examination last October 2004.
- The VMUF Graduate School faculty participated in the Philippine Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE) Study tour in Bangkok, Thailand last October 21-24, 2004 with the theme “Looking into the Future of Education”. With the full support of the NMUF Administration, Dr. Josephine B. Credo, Dean; Dr. Rodrigo B. Javier, Ph.D. Program Coordinator; Dr. Nora F. Benavides, MST Program Coordinator; and Dr. Leo B. Solis, MPH Program Coordinator spearheaded the participation of Region 1.
- VMUF continue to uplift the value and degree of education and as a fruit of this endeavor, Dr. Ma. Lilia Q. Posadas-Juan, VMUF President, received an award from the PACUCOA for VirgenMilagrosa University foundation as one of the Top Ten Institutions with the most number of accredited programs (Category A) last December 13, 2004 at Kalayan Hall of Club Filipino during its 15th Annual Convention.
Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), an accrediting agency which gives formal recognition to an educational institution by attesting that its academic programs maintain above-average standards in its educational operations along its vision, mission, and goals. PACUCOA is now a member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).

2005 - To date, programs accredited by the PACUCOA are BS Nursing - Level II, 2nd Re-accreditation Status; BS Biology, BS Psychology, AB English; AB Political Science, Bachelor in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Education - Level II Status; Master in Public Health, Master of Science in Teaching, and Doctor of Dental Medicine - Level I Status. Veterinary Medicine and Business Administration programs were visited for Level 1 Applicant Status last January 19-21, 2005.
- VMUF celebrated its 47th Foundation Anniversary on February 10-12, 2005 with the theme: “VMUF: A Pillar in Shaping Better Future and Creating Better Communities.
- Completion and consecration of the University Chapel with Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz as Mass Celebrant. Archbishop Cruz proclaimed the institution as a Catholic University (February 9, 2995).
- The college of Dentistry filed a letter of request for visit of its Dental program
- The Graduate School researchers, namely: Edgar G. Cue won as 2nd and Ms. Ana Palaganas placed 3rd in the Search for Best Research Sponsored by PAGE-1 and CHED RO1 last May 11, 2005. Medical Transcription Course has been offered
- Jimprey S Valdez ranked 5h placer in the Nursing Licensure Board Examination of June 2005. Formal Visit of the Doctor of Dental Medicine this coming July 2005
- Dr. Ronald RuelJoves ranked 13thplacer in the October Licensure Examination for Veterinarians.
- Ms. Catherine G. Torio, pride of VMUF, ranked 1stplacer in the November Midwives Licensure Examination. 2006
- VMUF celebrated its 48th Foundation Anniversary on February 13-17, 2006 with the theme: VMUF: Making A Big Difference Yesterday, Today, and Beyond.
- The Nursing program has been visited for Level II 3rd Reaccredited Status last September. The team has been chaired by Dr. DeograciasFornilos with Ms. Hazel Villgracia. They inspected the areas on Faculty and Instruction and Laboratories. PACUCOA granted the permit for Level II 3rd Reaccredited Status on November 13, 2006 with its validity until November 2011
- The Manila Bulletin published that VMUF is number one (1) in Pangasinan and number three (3) in Region 1 in the performance of nursing schools as to percentage of passing the Licensure Examinations for the past five (5) years.
- Joyce Ann Cabading ranked 9th place in the December 2006 Licensure Examination for Nurses.
Moreover, the PACU-COA awarded Level II 3rd Reaccreditation of the Nursing Program of VMUF in the same year, reaffirming the advocacy of championing nursing education not only in Region 1 but in providing professional skilled and competent nurses worldwide. The accreditation is valid from November 2006 to November 2011.

- VMUF celebrated its 49th Foundation Anniversary last February 14-17, 2007 with the theme: VMUF: Soaring High @ 49. The theme was a thorough embodiment of VMUF’s inevitable breakthroughs representing the incessant achievements on its mission for quality and competitive education.
- The Graduate School - Master of Science in Teaching and Master in Public Health programs were formally visited on May 17-19 for Level I Status. The visiting accreditors were chaired by Dr. Flordeliza Castro and the members of the team were Sister Consuelo Dora Olan Olan, Dr. Herminia Garcia, Ms Gloria Ruzgal, and Dr. Ferdinand Sumido.

2011 Adding to their line of board topnotchers, Mr. Jonathan J. Lapurga placed third during November 2011 Licensure for X-ray Technologist In December 2011, RaymundErguiza and Vanessa Tamayo from the College of Pharmacy won second place during the Patient Counseling Event held at University of the Philippines Manila.

As 2012 opened, five groups led by Holden Kirby Valdez, Gian Lear Macam, Miriam Lee Gabat, Reymar Ramos and Joella Estrada from the College of Nursing represented VMUF during the 13th Annual Nursing Research Congress held at Saint Louis University, Baguio City on February 18, 2012. Of which, the group of Joella Estrada, Sahara Gundayao, SheneeSantillan, Joyna Valdez, Ronald Mates, RichellePrimero, Mark Zeus Abalos, Lea Beth de Mayo and Sarah Marie Calpatura and Hans Christian Beltran was chosen as one of the Best Posters. On the 24th of the same month, a group of student nurses composed of Miriam Lee Gabat, Jenica Mae Alfonso, Alberta Alrianne Castro, Joanna CorrieneCagunot, Cindy Decano, Jennifer Lasquite, Ruvie Ann Ocon, Fedelyn Rosario, Suzanne Rosario and Jay Mark Yadao was given the Dr. CarlBalita Nursing Research Award during the ADPCN 5th Regional Students Congress held at Dagupan City. In August 10, 2012, four Virginians represented Region 1 for the poster presentation during the 6th Philippine National Health Research System Week at Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Pasay City. Prof. Jimmy G. Catanes, who was then a faculty of the College of Pharmacy bagged for the Professional Category and Joella Estrada, Miriam Lee Gabat (College of Nursing) and Luisa Fortit (College of Pharmacy) for the Undergraduate Category. Following the achievement in the national forum on the same month, Prof. Rosalyn Rosal and Prof. Filipina Misalang from the College of Pharmacy won international accolades for the first time for their research papers during the World Research Festival held at Marco Polo Hotel, Cebu City. A month after, Prof. Sandra Valentin from the College of Pharmacy represented the Philippines as she presented her study during the Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Association International Convention in Bali, Indonesia. With the successive achievements of the Virginians in line of research, VMUF propelled the first Awarding of Research Achievers on September 25, 2012 wherein Prof. Catanes, Prof. Rosal, Prof. Valentin, Prof. Misalang, Estrada, Fortit and Gabat were given the second Dr. Martin P. Posadas Memorial Research Excellence Award. In November 2012, the College of Midwifery, Health Care Services and Caregiving produced another first placer for the Licensure Examinations for Midwifery in the person of Ms. Abigail M. Miranda. On the same month, seven student nurses namely Mae Ann Tamayo, Via Dessa Pinzon, Marie Joy Bautista, JohnaAgcalon, Carmel Ann Santos, Gladys Navarro,CristineBernadeth Perez were the first to represent VMUF in an international research forum entitled 2nd International Conference of Nursing Students held at Cebu City. Of them, CristineBernadeth Perez won third place in the poster presentation. In December 2012, Level II First Reaccreditation was given by the PACUCOA to Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Teaching of the Graduate School and College of Business Administration and Accountancy. Level II 4th Reaccreditation was granted to the College of Nursing. Meanwhile, Preliminary Status was granted to both College of Pharmacy and College of Computer Science.

2013 began as student nurses namely Via Dessa Pinzon and Gladys Navarro both won second place for Best Poster and Podium Presentations during the 6th ADPCN Regional Research Congress in February. In an effort to cover wider areas of disseminating knowledge, the 10th Dr. Martin P. Posadas Memorial Research Forum,held in February 2013, opened its doors for the first time to an interschool competition among secondary schools in Pangasinan. Further, VMUF coordinated with the Research and Educational Development Training Institute (REDTI) headed by Dr. Angelina Irapta to host the 2nd International Dissemination of Research Output on April 18-20, 2013. It was attended by 316 presenters from all over the Philippines and other neighboring countries. As such, it was regarded as the forum with most number of research presenters in the history of REDTI. The success of VMUF in research went international as RM UththaraSachintanieSenarath, BS Biology graduate and currently a medical student, bagged the Student Travel Award during the Society of In-Vitro Biology Meeting in June 15-19, 2013 at Providence, USA. She was the only delegate who came from a Philippine HEI. Her success led her to be the recipient of the 3rd Dr. Martin P. Posadas Memorial Research Excellence Award. Locally, in June 2013, Ma. Bevilyn P. Ferrer became the first Virginian X-ray Technologist to become the first placer during the year’s Licensure Examination for X-ray Technologist. To enhance the knowledge of the faculty and students to research undertakings, Dr. WTPSK Senarath from the University of Jayewardenepura of Sri Lanka shared her expertise during the series of seminars and trainings on research publication and plant tissue culture on June 2013. On September 2013, VMUF was renowned of its excellence in research as RPDC Director Jimmy Catanes was hailed as an Outstanding Filipino Research Leader 2013 by the Philippine Association of Institutional Research during the Southeast Asian Conference in Institutional Research held at Pryce Plaza Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City.

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