VMUF caters Med Tech-Week Opening



Rimavi E. Niño - News Writer

Medical Laboratory Science students from five universities torching academic excellence on entire Pangasinan, bevel up the anticipating celebration of Medical Technology Week on September 19 held at VMUF event center.

The event was attended by the students of University of Pangasinan, Dagupan, University of Pangasinan, Urdaneta, Lyceum Northwestern University, University of Luzon and Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation.

Dean Romeo A. Catungal, spearhead of the College of Medical Laboratory Science introduced the VMUF Administration, Medical Technology Schools’ Deans and Faculty, and the PAMET Officials.

Whereas, Dr. Ma Lilia Posadas-Juan, VMUF President gave the warmest welcome to the delegates. She also devoted moment of silence for the memory of the late dean Fe Mendoza of the College of Medical Laboratory.

Unification of advocacy and purpose among the future medical technologist of the country nestled the heart of the whole event, alongside the theme, “Navigating the Future of Medical Technology with Cohesive Collaboration and Transparency.”

Philippine Association of Medical Technologist, Pangasinan Chapter President, Ma’am Imelda A. Duque, a renowned practitioner of this field, emphasize the crucial role of collective efforts and collaboration of individuals, professionals, and institutions to unleash the fullest potential of succeeding innovations to keep up with the fast-paced advancement of the sphere of medical technology.

Meanwhile, words of encouragement lamented by the Chief Medical Technologist of the Department of Laboratories and Transfusion Medicine of Region 1 Medical Center, Ma’am Lurdel P. Castilan, gifted the listeners with bag full of hopes and inspirations. She tells the tale of her turbulent-filled voyage towards the summit of success. “After internship, my world started to slow down. Thunderstorms began to hit me and freeze me. Financial problems almost crushed me into pieces.” She added that she didn’t even attend one of the most fulfilling events on her journey-her oathtaking, because her parents couldn’t afford to fuel up the engine of their jeepney. She highlighted the need to push for once potential to ascend to their fullest capability.

To further fill the cauldron of inspiration, Topnotcher of March 2021 Medical Technology Licensure Examination, Mr. Felix Jayson M. Vegella, one of VMUF’s finest product shared useful tips and techniques on how to ace the board examination. First and foremost, he mentioned the hefty need to embrace your path. Finding the right time to study, appropriate technique for learning, and using materials like flash cards also contributes on large scale to understand the topics clearly.

The event was initially graced by a mass, presided by the University Chaplain, Reverend Father Wilfredo B. Penoliar on VMUF Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Chapel. It was then followed by the assembly of participants on the event center. Processional of the important figures of the event also took place.

The event wouldn’t be much of success without the massive effort of the Medical Laboratory Science Student Council.

The event lasted for four hours and was hosted by Mr. Angelo C. Manipon and Ms. Ces Gia S. Boquiren.

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