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23 AUGUST 2023

Cyrelle Javier Brillo - News Writer

Sprinting has earned Renier Jay B. Ranges, a 17-year-old track and field athlete, numerous honors and awards in the past from the Private Schools Athletic Association, Region 1 Athletic Association, and Palarong Pambansa 2023. He is one of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students from Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation. Ranges has etched his name into Philippine sporting history at an early age.

Ranges appeared in the national audition last year in Iloilo City to become eligible for the ASEAN youth school games that were scheduled to take place in Malaysia but were canceled. Ranges attempted again this year, qualifying in the sprint field from June 8–10 in Pasig City, and was selected to represent the Philippines in Vietnam in October for the ASEAN school games.

Considering he won first place and the gold medal in the 100-meter run and the silver medal in the 200-meter run during the tryout, he met the qualification standard. His desire to represent the Philippines internationally and win an honor for both VMUF and the entire Philippines kept him going.

In PATAFA, the Iloilo National Invitational Competition, PRISAA, R1AA, and Palarong Pambansa, he took part and conquered.He won two gold medals at PRISAA In the sprints of 100 meters and 4x100 meters. In R1AA, he captured three gold medals in the 100, 200, and 400 meters. 2 bronze medals in the 4x100 and 4x400 meters relay events. He secured a gold medal in the 100 meters and a silver in the 200 meters in the recently finished Palarong Pambansa 2023.

In IBA Elementary School, he first started throwing javelin, but he seemed to have felt that it wasn’t for him. He turned to sprinting because he was unfit there. Considering he had never won a medal in this field, he gave up on qualifying. He discovered that perhaps sprinting was for him while training. Here is where he first tried out sprinting, which later became his comfort zone, and where he was able to fulfill his goal of making the school proud.

In order to prepare for the R1AA held in Lingayen, Pangasinan on May 14–19, 2023, and to continue training, he only had one day off from the recently finished PRISAA on July 13–19, 2023 in Zamboanga City. His coach pushed him as he observed greatness in him, and it was then that he developed his calling in athletics. His toughest battle in the sport is doubting himself. He admitted that he had reached the point when he was questioning his ability to complete the mission, but he was able to do so because he was certain that he had adequately prepared for each race in the game. He just considers and concentrates on the outcome he seeks. He improved both physically and mentally under the guidance of his coach, Sir Dhan Camaso, who also helped him become more daring.

He can affirm after each game that the blood and sweat he poured up because of a desire to play was not in vain. He was ecstatic with how he performed and felt completely fulfilled. He is grateful since his efforts to make sacrifices and train have paid off. He doesn’t skip any of his workouts since he thinks it will help him improve his skills and knowledge for the game.

“To my fellow Virginians, I say that becoming an athlete is difficult because you have to possess self-discipline to practice and work hard for your goal while managing your time for academics. Never give up on your dreams and goals; keep working toward your aspirations. Make God the focal point of your life.” The multi-gold medalist Ranges’ words of advice for his fellow Virginians who aspire to be student-athlete.

He anticipates doing better in the upcoming months and in the competition. His coaches advised him to always have the game in mind and to put things that are unrelated to the game aside. He intends to keep playing for VMUF until he graduates.

He expressed his sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to his accomplishment and stated that he continues to have dreams for his family.

“Thank you, Mr. Dhan Camaso, our respected coach, for shaping me into the person I am today. Without your unwavering determination and guidance at each training, this would not be possible. Thank you to Raven Arenas and Coach Kimberly Jane Bautista Moneda for your perseverance and commitment in achieving this result! Sir Brandon Hywell M. Tuazon, the first sports physical therapist we ever had, I appreciate you being there for me ever game! My teammates and Sir Enzo Williams, I appreciate it so much for the training sessions you provided for us. I’m grateful so much to senior management, the VMUF administration, professors, and principals for your unwavering support.” Ranges’ words of gratitude

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