VMUF Scientists Hold 2nd White Coat and Pinning Ceremony



Jemima Andrie D. Pidlaoan - Editor-in-Chief

Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation - College of Medical Laboratory Science held its 2nd White Coat and Pinning Ceremony at Carlos P. Garcia Hall, Health and Sciences Building, 1:00 PM on Tuesday, 29th of August 2023 to honor its students that made it through the uphill climb of being interns.

There are 82 student interns who are going to sow the fruits of their sweat, tears, blood and infinite number of sleepless nights especially during exam. The event was greeted with immense joy and excitement by the students and their proud and supportive parents who were smiling from ear-to-ear. The beautiful sight was witnessed by the University Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Catherine DG. Torio and other members of the faculty.

The celebration was anchored on the theme “MLS 2023: Transcending Barriers and Altitude Through Virginian Fortitude,” which highlights the endurance and tenacity of each MLS student who faced their battles ahead and brave through the challenges that their instructors laid at their path and get to where they are now, even closer to their dreams.

Mr. Romeo A. Catungal Jr., RMT, OIC-Dean, College of Medical Laboratory Science expressed his vast gratitude and pleasure in witnessing the students get a step closer in getting to what they once thought of as only a dream, now becoming a reality. Dr. Catherine D.G. Torio also gave her words of challenge and intensify the fact that as they donned their white coats, they must transcend barriers and altitude through Virginian fortitude. Embracing excellence, championing collaboration and letting their curiosity drive them to explore the uncharted traces of medical field.

Keynote speaker, Ms. Angel Grace Fabia, RMT congratulated the students inters on their milestone as they will now embark on the real environment of being a medical laboratory scientist. “The white coat and pin are badges of responsibility,” she said and as they move forward, they should welcome this calling with open hearts and decided minds. In addition to that, she also stated that hindrances in their journey are just a stepping stones for them to be shaped and trained on how to become a good medical technologist.

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